Distributed Robotic Systems

Graduate course, Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering, 2017

This course covers the artificial intelligence of distributed systems of multiple mobile robots that interact collectively, cooperate on common tasks, and coordinate their motion through the world to reach individual goals.

My Contribution

• Mentored 30 electrical and mechanical engineering student projects on robot algorithms. • Managed course lectures, hosted office hours for coding problem sets, and graded assignments.

Student Experience

Course includes lectures, readings, a short group paper presentation, four individual programming assignments, and a group project where students work in teams preparing for an in-class robot soccer competition held at the end of the course.


• Cooperation: caravanning, communication and sensor networks, exploration, robot soccer. • Collectivity: flocking, foraging, formation, herding, swarming. • Coordination: collision avoidance, path planning, self-driving cars, traffic management. • Task allocation: biological-inspired, market-based, role-based. • Heterogeneous robots: aerial-ground robot, human-robot.